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Apple iPad 2 Skin +
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Full Body Skin Protector-Carbon Fiber


Full Body Skin Protector-Carbon Fiber



Armor Suit Military Shield Screen Protector and Black Carbon Fiber Back Shield for Apple iPad 2 - LIFETIME Warranty Included

Technical Details
    ● Custom fitted for Apple iPad2
    ● Screen Protection: Armor-Suit Military Shield kit, Quantity: 1. One of the best screen protectors on the market in terms of protection, ease of installation, and quality. Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty.
    ● Case Protection: Armor-Suit Carbon Fiber Skin, Color: Black, Quantity: 1. It has a carbon fiber texture for a sleek look while providing excellent scratch-protection and grip. Carbon fiber backing is an adhesive that requires no other supplies to be applied to the iPad2.
    ● Kit also includes: Installation Solution and Card for Armor-Suit Military Shield

Product Description
The combination of these two items make it one of the best accessories for your Apple iPad2.

About the Armor-Suit Military Shield:
Armor-Suit Military Shield Skin is a special screen protector effective in protection due to its military-grade features that ALWAYS include being:
    ● Ultra-thin
    ● Scratch-proof
    ● Crystal clear
    ● Ultra durable
    ● Re-appliable
    ● Maintenance-free and
    ● Self-healing Additional benefits include:
    ● Easy installation and reinstallation
    ● Better grip texture without sacrificing smoothness or screen sensitivity
    ● Use with or without bulky cases and
    ● Lifetime Replacement Warranty, Made in the USA Military Shield Skin preserves the same look and condition of your prized possessions. New electronics stay new. It is one of the top film protectors in the market because it offers amazing scratch protection and always stays clear. Just apply it and have no worries.
Military Shield Skin is made from the same thermoplastic urethane material used by the military and NASA for their helicopters and space shuttles. It is known as state-of-the-art technology because of its amazing scratch protection ability that even features self-healing properties. Normal scratches eventually disappear and do not show.

About the Armor-Suit Carbon Fiber Series:
This is also one of the most durable skins on the market today. The Armor-Suit Carbon Fiber series is made of real woven carbon fiber that provides excellent strength against scratches and abrasions. This state-of-the-art material is known for its lightness and strength while remaining ultra-thin at only .1 millimeters. When you first take it out of its packaging, you will notice and feel the authenticity and style of the woven carbon fiber. This skin has been custom fitted to the back side of the Apple iPad 2 and is easy to install with an adhesive backing that requires no additional supplies or solutions. The adhesive side of the skin has been specially engineered in a pattern to release any air bubbles resulting from the installation process . The pattern has been designed to allow the skin to completely mold to the device, preventing air bubbles and peeling. It can also be carefully reapplied in case it was incorrectly applied the first time.

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Armor Suit-Military Shield is the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of the Armor Suit-Military Shield Skin Products. We produce Armor Suit- Military Shield for the most popular and latest electronic devices and gadgets. Including cell phones, iPods, screen protector kits for gadget, electronic devices, GPS navigation devices, digital cameras and camcorders, electronic game systems, computer, laptops, & more. We’re passionate about the ultimate protection; this is why we’re the best.

Armor Suit™ Military Shield is created from an scratch-proof, ultra-tough, optically clear, military grade, yellow resistance, custom fit for each particular gadget and device with full body and screen protection. Transparent and amazingly thin, it is designed to perfectly match the contours of your device, providing unbeatable scratch protection. Armor Suit-Military Shield utilizes the same technology and material that built for Military Grade protection used on Aircrafts and Helicopters. Our Armor Suit-Military Shield is one of the toughest and durable protective films on the market today.

Our Armor Suit Military Shield offers unbelievable resistance to scratches, abrasion and yellowing fade, it helps to prolong the life of your expensive gadgets and devices. Armor Suit-Military Shield provides the self-healing technology, which helps to eliminate minor scratches on the film, all by itself. It gives you a piece of mind from all the scratches and unwanted nicks. It requires no special care or maintenance.