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MilitaryShield Screen Protector and Full Body Skin Protector for your cell phone and electronic gadgets

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Military-Grade Protection

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Scratch-Proof, Clear Protective Skin!

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield provides nearly invisible protection for your cell phones, tablets, media players, cameras, watches, gaming devices, and even GPS. We use clear protective skin technology developed from NASA for space shutles and aircrafts in order to provide the maximum scratch-proof protection for devices.

The Perfect Fit!

Our Screen Protectors and Full Body Skin Protectors are designed specifically for your device to ensure a perfect fit with maximum protection from scratches. The MilitaryShield will preserve the original shape and look of your device without adding extra weight to it. In addition to the full protection screen protectors we offer, case friendly screen protectors are also available for compatibility with your cases. Note: we do not recommend the use of stylus pens on MilitaryShield.