ArmorSuit Lifetime Warranty Policy

Here at ArmorSuit, we stand by our products and value our customers. Our products are proudly made under the highest standards of quality and workmanship. That's why all ArmorSuit MilitaryShield and MilitaryGlass products are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Most warranties are limited to 30 days or one year, but with our Lifetime Replacement Warranty, our customers can request for a replacement screen protector for a lifetime. This way, you never need to purchase a whole new kit when a replacement is needed. Note: Our warranty does not cover any damage that happens to the physical device at all. It only covers the screen protectors or skins purchased from us.

1. Be sure that your purchase is eligible for the Lifetime Warranty by checking our ARMORSUIT's Official Dealer page.
Warranty is void if the product was not purchased directly from us or any of the listed authorized sellers. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us and include a copy of your invoice so that we can help you with this. Warranty is also void if your original purchase has been refunded whether it is from eBay,, or Amazon

2. The replacement screen protector itself is free, however, there will be a $2.99 for phones | $8.49 for Tablets | $6.49 for Gaming Console | $5.99 for Dry-Shield Screen Protectors shipping and handling fee for each replacement screen.
If your original purchase included a Full Body Skin they are also free with your replacement screen protector. Accessories are a separate additional fee of $2.49.

All tablet screen protector replacements will come with 1 protector only.

Promo codes cannot be applied towards replacement requests. Please note certain countries we are only able to ship the screen protector only via envelope. 

2.5 Vinyl Skins Laptops only (Other devices will have lifetime)

All Vinyl Laptop Skins come with a 30 days no question replacement policy. So if you mess up your installation, it got damaged, or anything else, you can request from us a replacement. If you require a touchpad replacement, that will be lifetime replacement.

2.6 Vinyl Skins - Laptops are not part of the lifetime replacement policy so after 30 days it won't be eligible for a replacement!

2.7 Vinyl Skins - Phones | Tablets | Gaming Devices | Watches | Touchpads

Shipping and handling Fees are $5.99 for the skin only. Accessories are a separate additional fee of $2.49. Promo codes cannot be applied towards replacement requests. Please note certain countries we are only able to ship the screen protector only via envelope.

3. There is a limit of one (1) replacement screen per request. 
For example, if your original order was for one (1) Note 20 Ultra Screen Protector + Full Body Skin, you can request one (1) as a replacement. S&H applies with each quantity.

4. Replacement requests can be made if your screen protector is worn out or has scratches or bubbles that won't go away. 

Additionally, our Lifetime Warranty covers ArmorSuit products only. All defects or damages on an actual device are covered under the device's manufacturer. We are not responsible for physical damage to the actual device itself. Our protectors are designed to protect from fingerprints, dust, normal wear and tear, and minor scratches. We cannot guarantee that your product will be protected 100% by our product if it’s been dropped.

5. The Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable. 
If your original purchase was for a Samsung Galaxy S20, your replacement will be for the S20 as well. 
Screen Protectors

Make a Replacement Request by choosing from the following that applies to your order:
Orders Within 30 Days of Purchase Date
Orders After 30 Days of Purchase Date

*Proof of purchase (Order number #) required to qualify for the Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Armorsuit reserves the right to refuse any Lifetime Replacement Warranty claim for products that were not purchased directly from Armorsuit or one of its authorized resellers.

**Some customers may be asked to return the defective product(s) in order to get their film replaced. We will not honor the Lifetime Warranty if the customer fails to return the item when specifically requested by customer service. Customers can send back the defective product to us, using an envelope with a forever stamp ($0.50) cost. (Applies to Vinyl Skins only)

***Lifetime Replacement Warranty valid for all residents domestically and internationally, but they must pay the shipping fees. International Replacements may not be able to purchase tracking or installation kit. 

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered glass screen protectors from Military Glass are warranted to be free from physical defects in materials and workmanship. Replacements of the glass screen protector itself are always free of charge. However, buyer will be responsible for any shipping and handling costs. Warranty for Military Glass does not cover to any product that : (a) purchased from a non-authorized Third Party seller (b) for which a refund of the full purchase price has been processed (c) for which a valid order number or record cannot be provided or located. (d) damaged devices.

Please note all  Military Glass screen protectors are eligible for an one-time Lifetime Replacement Request. 

If your purchase was for an ArmorSuit tempered glass, submit a replacement request by clicking the link below:
Military Glass Orders Only


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