ArmorSuit's Official Sellers:

Authentic ArmorSuit products are available on our direct website,, and
ArmorSuit's Official Sellers on Amazon:
  • iTech Accessory
  • TJC International
  • JL International
  • SBCC Store
  • A+ Store

ArmorSuit's Official Sellers on Ebay:
  • itechaccessory-gbaolinc-us
  • yes-avenue

Regarding Unauthorized Sellers:

The sellers acknowledged above are authorized merchants and distributors of authentic ArmorSuit products. All other sellers whether from LLC, on Ebay or other online retailers are Unauthorized Sellers. We advise our customers to purchase directly from us, or one of our authorized sellers only. Purchases made from sellers not listed above are not eligible for the Lifetime Warranty. We do our best to limit the number of unauthorized sellers to be sure our customers receive authentic products from us; however, we do not have control over unauthorized sellers. 

If you have any questions about our authorized sellers, please contact us:
Phone: 1-707-998-7027 (M-F 12pm-6pm PST) 


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