ArmorSuit MilitaryShield is the leading manufacturer and distributor of
ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protectors, FullBody Skin Protectors, and Carbon Fiber Film Protectors. (100% Made in the USA)

Founded in 2010 in Southern California, we've been passionate about offering the ultimate protection for your cell phones, tablets, media players, cameras, watches, gaming devices, and even GPS. Believe it or not, it is made from the same protective film material used to protect military aircraft, helicopters, and space shuttles. Our Ultra HD Clear protectors are so clear that it's nearly invisible. In addition to preserving the original look of your device, our top-of-the-line shield is lightweight and incredibly durable. Without a doubt, we've got one of the toughest shields! It's designed to provide daily protection against scratches, fingerprints, dust, normal wear and tear. Best of all, it's very easy to apply. Just in case you mess up during installation, our 30-Day Guarantee allows you to request for another try until we can help you get it right.

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. On top of that, we have a strong commitment to American-made products because we understand the importance of quality to our customers. We want to ensure our products are made to last, which is why all ArmorSuit MilitaryShield products are backed for life by our lifetime replacement warranty. We will replace the product for you, whether it’s defective, scratched, accidentally damaged, or even if you make a mistake during installation. It’s really that simple!


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