Things you will need:

  • ArmorSuit Carbon Fiber Film Protector
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Hairdryer

Just Nice to Know:

  • Our Carbon Fiber Film Protectors are very flexible. If you ever need to make any part longer, gently pull to stretch it out. If you need to shorten, you can push back by a bit. Use hairdryer to seal the film. 
  • If you're having difficulty adhering a corner or curved area, use the hairdryer and the side of your thumb to press it down. If you made a mistake on the corner, lift it up, reheat, and try pressing again.
  • WARNING: Please don't use excessive liquid or excessive heat as it may cause damage to your device, as we are not responsible for the outcome caused by it.  As liquid damage could cause corrosion and heat damage can caused the device to malfunction.


  1. Wipe away all dirt, dust, and fingerprints by using the provided microfiber cloth.
  2. Identify the Carbon Fiber holes and cutouts and know where they will fit on your device.
  3. Before you peel off the Carbon Fiber Shield, place it face down on a flat surface. Then, peel off the back portion liner. Later, you will use part of the liner to help you line up the Carbon Fiber Shield on your device. Cut the back liner in half and place it (with the glossy side facedown) onto an area of the Shield avoiding hole cutouts. You want to use the liners to cover large areas without blocking the camera, logo, speaker or any holes within the Shield. Feel free to cut the liner again if necessary.
  4. Begin by taking your ArmorSuit Carbon Fiber Shield (with liners attached) and one-by-one position the hole cutouts to match up with your device’s ports by slightly sliding it. Check to make sure that the edges will also evenly line up on all sides. Take your time to align it perfectly before lightly pressing it down. If you have made a mistake, do not worry. Carefully lift it up and readjust.  
  5. Once you are satisfied with the placement and the cutouts match perfectly, you may press down areas surrounding those cutouts. Then remove each liner individually by lifting up a portion of the Carbon Fiber Shield and smoothing it down. Smooth out any air bubbles. Do not press down on the corners just yet if they're too rounded.
  6. Turn on your hairdryer to the lowest heat setting. Blow near a corner of the Carbon Fiber Shield to make it soft and flexible. Starting from the inside, slowly press down on the corner with your thumb to make sure the Carbon Fiber Shield sticks on well. Follow these same steps for all corners and round curved areas. Before completing your installation, check the backing, edges, and corners for proper adhesion and readjust as necessary. Use the hairdryer to smoothen or flatten any part on the Carbon Fiber Shield.
  7. (Optional) We can now put back the logo sticker where it belongs if yours came with one. Take the logo sticker you had put aside, line it up to match the cutout on the shield, and press down.


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