Things to do before you start:

  • Install MilitaryShield before bedtime to allow for drying overnight
  • Turn off device and remove battery only if possible
  • Use microfiber cloth to clean your screen
  • Wash your hands with soap and dry
  • Install in clean, dust-free environment

Some Quick Tips:

  • Ensure screen protector lays completely flat on the screen. Hold it up against the light to see if you've pushed out all large air bubbles.
  • Any bubbles or streaks you see after initial application is normal! They should disappear within 12-72 hours. 
  • WARNING: Please don't use excessive liquid or excessive heat as it may cause damage to your device, as we are not responsible for the outcome caused by it.  As liquid damage could cause corrosion and heat damage can caused the device to malfunction.


  1. Know where the cutouts of the MilitaryShield will fit on your device.
  2. Shake the spray bottle solution. Evenly spray the non-adhesive side of the MilitaryShield.
  3. Before peeling off the shield, spray your fingertips with the solution to eliminate fingerprints.
  4. Use your moistened fingertips to peel the MilitaryShield off from its backing and evenly spray onto the sticky adhesive side until there are no dry spots left.
  5. Position the adhesive side face down on your screen. Slide it around to match all cutouts and edges.
  6. Use one hand to hold down the shield. Starting from the center, hold the squeegee with your other hand and gently slide it across the screen in an outward motion (avoiding open ports or buttons). Adjust the MilitaryShield with both hands to make sure it's still in the right place. Spray on top of the MilitaryShield to make sliding easier, and continue using the squeegee to push out excess moisture. You want to push out all of the solution and air bubbles.
    If you made a mistake, simply peel it off and redo it
  7. While it’s still moist, you can readjust the MilitaryShield with both hands to match all cutouts. If your device has rounded corners, use your palm to press down the corners of the MilitaryShield for 30 seconds. If it's not sticking, we recommend to wait 2-5 hours or overnight to dry.

 If the sides are connected to the edges of the shield:

  • Fold down and adhere the edges to all 4 sides of the device by using your palm to apply pressure on the sides or until they stick to the device. You may use a blow dryer to help dry off the moisture to adhere faster. If the sides are still not sticking, allow 2-5 hours for them to dry.

If the sides are separate individual pieces, not attached to the main piece:

  • Follow same steps from beginning: Spray fingertips, peel off one of the side pieces, spray onto adhesive side, position it, use squeegee to push excess moisture. Sides may not require use of solution (it can be placed on dry if you wish).
  • Once your placement is to your liking, use the microfiber cloth to gently dab away left over moisture in all holes and button crevices, but do not clean the MilitaryShield or turn your device back on until it has completely dried. We recommend setting it on a flat surface for 12-24 hours.   
  • When it is completely dry the next day, clean your device with the microfiber cloth.


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