To Remove: Removing the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield is easy! Simply peel from one corner and slowly lift until the entire protector is off your device. If you feel the protector is too tight while peeling, rub some solution in between where the protector and display meet to loosen up the adhesive. After removing the protector, it should not leave any residue. However, if residue is left, simply use the solution to clean it off.

To Reapply: If you made a mistake while installing your screen protector, you can reapply it while it's still moist. First, spray solution onto your fingertips before peeling it off. Slowly start peeling from one corner, ensuring the screen protector does not stick together. After you have successfully peeled it off, immediately spray solution onto the sticky adhesive side and make sure there is no dust on your device or screen protector before continuing to follow the rest of the application instructions.





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