Things You Will Need:

  • ArmorSuit Military Glass
  • Cleaning Wipe
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Dust Removal Tape
  • Use of Squeege is optional


1. After washing and drying your hands, clean your screen using the provided cleaning wipe and microfiber cloth. Then use the included dust removal tape to remove any dust particles. At this point, do not touch your cleaned screen. 

2. With the glass protective layer facing down, pull down the tab marked “START” until the layer is completely peeled off. Do not touch the adhesive side of the glass

3. Carefully align the glass to your screen by holding on to its edges with two fingers. Be sure to match up all sides and any cutouts or buttons. Release the glass once you are satisfied with your placement. If you made a mistake, immediately lift up the glass and readjust.

4. Gently press the center of the glass and allow the adhesive to spread throughout the screen. To complete the process, use your thumb to push any remaining bubbles outwards starting from the center. You may also use the included squeegee wrapped in microfiber cloth.

5. At last, use the microfiber cloth to clean your new glass screen protector.




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