Armorsuit MilitaryShield Vinyl Skin Wrap Film for Lenovo Thinkpad P1 G4 / G5 / G6 (16 Inch)

Color: Black-Carbon
Style: Full-Wrap
Sale price$55.95
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Compatible with: Thinkpad P1 G4 / G5 / G6 (16 Inch)

• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

 Screen Protector Made in the USA

• Usually ships within 1 business day


Ultra HD Clear Scratch-Proof Fingerprint Reduction Bubble Free

Quick & Easy to Apply Perfect Fit Self-Healing Technology Lifetime Warranty

With MilitaryShield, you can finally relax and stop worrying about permanent scratches!

Package Contents:
• 2 Vinyl Skin
• 1 Microfiber Cloth / Squeegee
• Installation Instructions
• Lifetime Warranty

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